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Anchor of life

Our support for the idea of leaving money after one’s death to Hinz&Kunzt, the street magazine that works for the homeless. With the “anchor of life”, a permanent installation was established in the HafenCity district of Hamburg – symbolising that by giving a donation, we can offer stability to those whose lives have entered rocky waters. The names of benefactors are inscribed on the anchor on request. The result: various television and press reports. As an expression of gratitude, a card with around 400 signatures from street vendors of the city magazine was drawn up.

“An idea from the agency k2werk that is literally worth its weight in gold. Thanks to their help, an anchor in Hamburg’s HafenCity has become a memorial to those who remember Hinz&Kunzt in their last will and testament.”
Jens Ade, CEO of Hinz&Kunzt